Thinking outside the box seems to be the receipe of success that many famous people have used to get them where they are, or where they were.

It is a known fact that Steve Jobs, the mind behind the Apple empire, used to hold his meetings while taking walks, in order to generate unusual ideas. Tchaikovsky had been taking long walks around his establishment, as a preparation before starting to compose. Other famous people even encourage to getting rid of the box, so that you have the chance to analyze freely upon a given subject.

Thinking outside the box does not have a magic step by step approach. It can and might have different unveiling sparks for each person. However, this being a thinking process, different procedures are available, at least as a start point for finding your personal one.

Although it has become almost a cliché used widely in business environments, if stripped to its basics, thinking outside the box suggests the finding and invention of creative and unusual solutions that are not obvious at a first glance.

The human brain needs to be trained at all time to get away from mechanical situations and routine. Doing things in a different manner once in a while sets a new thinking pattern. These might come from different directions: taking a different route home, eating at a different restaurant, doing new activities that force your mind to absorb new information, learning a new language, and so on. This entirely shifts the thinking system.

Once the human mind gets a new taste of the dynamic variety of things it has to do daily, it will start to emit unusual combinations and solutions that might be the key to personal success which can have a profound effect on both work and home life.