1. Entrants must set their true name and contact information in the user profile, in order to be eligible.

2. The entries are eligible only if they meet the deadline of the contest announced. Any entries that are past the deadline are null, void and ineligible. Creativa Global is not responsible for incomplete and incorrect entries. Creativa Global is also not responsible for any entries that are sent, but are not received on the contest webpage, for any reason. Please double check if the entry you have submitted is posted on the official candidates and creations page.

3. All the winners are notified via phone or e-mail. The method might be different for each session, but if it contest required an e-mail, the winner will be contacted by e-mail.

4. If the winner is not responding to the notification within 5 business days on the e-mail form, within 24 hours on the text and social media, Creativa Global awards the prize to the next participant in line.

5. All the material created for the contest fall under the copyright of Creativa Global.

6. Creativa Global has the right to display, edit, reproduce and publish the work or any submitted creative materials.

7. Through the submission of any material to Creativa Global, you agree not to infringe any property right, trademark, copyright, right, privacy or publicity of any third party.

8. You agree and acknowledge that Creativa Global makes public any material registered in the contest. You agree with the reviews, ratings and comments from the public, even if you are unhappy about what might be published.

9. All the employees, and their first rank relatives are forbidden to take place in the contest. Any employee that has terminated their contract within the period of one year, is also prohibited to submit entries.