Creativa Global puts a lot of energy into highlighting and rewarding the website’s best equipment creative users. For this purpose, each month has a wall of fame exhibition with the top five most creative t-shirts. The contest allows visibility for the most talented people making their designs, and allows further visibility, for the creators of the standard equipment for the official teams.

Going back to the previous sections of this website, one may now understand the thinking outside the box, as well as the creative spirit awakening sections. They exist as an adjunct for the creation of the most interesting pieces of equipment, which might make it to the fan’s favorite team.

Twice a year, there are two big creative contests sponsored by the official teams and supervised in person by the coaches and club presidents. The two events end up with a big sponsorship from Creativa Global, which provides the printing of t-shirts for the whole team, which wear this newly created equipment in a test game. The visibility of the creator of this particular equipment is colossal. Depending on the game’s notoriety, the whole world might see your creation on the field.

Each seasons new official teams join in this exciting creative game, so keep an eye on past and upcoming events, just in case your favorite team pops up, and you have the chance to create the equipment they get to wear in a specific game.

The prize does not end here though. Creativa Global adds a lot of effort into uniting the creator with the team he or she has designed for. The big winner of the event receives a prize as well as a plane ticket and accommodation to reach the event, and spend a day with the official team that they have designed for.