The fully customisation area is the part of this shop that lets your creativity flow. The range of customisation starts with the smallest change in the official equipment, such as a number or a name, up to the total interpretation and reinterpretation of any standard equipment in the shop.

Fans are invited to alter the retro equipment, the current equipment, of just add the badge, name and number on whichever t-shirt size, color and model they would like to have. This shop is supported by a 3D platform built in the browser, which allows the quick visualisation of the redesigned t-shirt. Even if it has made it this far with the changes, the customers are not bound to order the t-shirt they have just designed. The beauty of this platform is that it allows you to try any combination of model, color, shape, badge and inscription, both from the internal database, or loaded from your own computer. So people are able to see the final result without the obligation of being committed. One can try as many combinations as he or she likes, for free, long before ordering it.

The sets of designs made by a specific user can be saved for later. This means that each fan can make a bunch of designs, show them to friends; and apply any after thoughts, before actually ordering it.

The final orders are handled with the finest care, printed on the highest quality materials, with prints of high quality, which do not wear off after washing. The colours do not fade in the sun or after intense wearing.

The processed orders are shipped worldwide with two methods of delivery: standard and rush. The standard takes from 14 to 20 working days to reach the address, while the rush delivery arrives at the address in 3 to 4 days.