Creativity- some people naturally have it, some try to harvest it each day with different techniques. In general, creativity refers to making up new connections between the actual facts, based on personal knowledge and experience gathered throughout life.

Many studies have proven that the REM sleep state is the biggest creative idea generator people have at their disposal. Salvador Dali, one of the lead artists in the surrealistic artistic movement, use to sleep in a chair with a metal spoon in his hand. On the floor, under his arm, he would position a metal plate, which would make a powerful noise when the spoon would land on it. The artist would wake up suddenly and violently, but remembering vividly the action or the imagery in his dream. Until today, his paintings are known to contain some of the most fantastic imagery. Yet, if someone were to dissect each element, he or she would notice that each painting is made of a strange combination of objects and properties of an object, figure or character. Of course, this method was suitable for him, but what other options could harvest creativity?

Many studies have proven that a dim light in a room, blue or green colors, or the mess on the working desk can enhance creativity. The darkness in a room makes anyone feel free to explore unthinkable ideas, and triggers an explosion of creativity.

Exercising is not only beneficial for the body and state of mind, it is also good for the ability to think in a creative manner. Exercising brings new oxygen levels to the brain, while boosting ithe brain’s ability to function at a higher rate. Working out allows our brain to take out the subconscious ideas into consciousness.

The creative spark can start from various activities, but the most important thing is to keep it lit at all time.